David Ashman
I found someone who I can live my life with
She makes me feel like I can take on the world
I found someone who I can share my thoughts with
She'll lighten my smile as I watch her turn

You won't catch me standing by no other
She's the reason I exist at all
The first thing that I do when I wake up next to you is sing this song

She found someone who she can share her heart with
I love her because she loves me for what I'm not
She found someone who she can turn and cry to
I'm certain she knows I know I'd carry her white rose

She won't let me stand beside another
She makes all the others seem not to matter
My angel in the morning light you come alive

Copyright 1993 David A. Ashman
- I wrote these words for my friends Gary and
Barb on their wedding day.  It is more or less a
poem with supporting music.  This is the very
first song I wrote.